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Abstract Cityscapes

March 15th, 2014

Abstract Cityscapes

I recently became fascinated with abstract cityscapes. Not only are they fun to paint, I can easily convey many different moods and feelings depending on the colors I use. I would love to hear from you -- which ones communicate the best to you and how do they make you feel?

Watercolors Available on Personal Checks

April 14th, 2013

Watercolors Available on Personal Checks

40 of my paintings are now available on checks through as part of their Licensed Artist program.

Please click link below to order your checks!

Coming Soon Custom Bank Checks with My Paintings on them

January 24th, 2013

Coming Soon Custom Bank Checks with My Paintings on them

I have partnered with Wisconsin-based CheckAdvantage, a high-end custom check production company. (

Over the course of the first few months in 2013, I am developing the check designs and will announce when these are available.

I will start with 4 sets of checks -- each set will have 4 images in it.

You will be able to link to their site via this blog and order your checks.

Lots of fun work to get this set up.... stay tuned for updates!

Do You Love Your Home? Celebrate with a Watercolor House Portrait

March 21st, 2010

Do You Love Your Home? Celebrate with a Watercolor House Portrait

There's no better way to celebrate the home you love than with a watercolor house portrait.

If you are not familiar with house portraits, let me tell you about them.

I find that people with beautiful homes like to keep them looking beautiful with aesthetic landscaping and possibly other decorative touches placed around the house, such as fountains, figurines and other fun objects -- or simply lush plants and trees. In fact, I consider such people to be artists themselves, as they are creating a beautiful image to be enjoyed by everyone who passes by their home.

Because they live on the inside of the home, they don't get to see the beautiful outside very often or for very long -- only when they enter their home.

However, if they want to enjoy their beautiful home while they are inside, day in and day out, they typically choose to commission an artist whose work they admire to do a custom house portrait for them.

The artist will usually take photographs or receive photographs from the home-owner which depict the home in the best light, with nice contrast and shadows, and which show off the house and landscape details to their best.

What is so great about commissioned paintings is that the artist can add or subtract elements that will enhance the painting. For example, if there happens to be an ugly telephone pole in front of the house, this can be excluded from the painting. Or if the photograph was taken during the winter and the home really looks best in the spring with flowers all in bloom, the artist can paint the flowers in bloom, even though they may not exist in the winter photo. This is what is called "artistic license". An artist creates a reality of his own!

If you are considering commissioning a painting of your home, make sure to discuss the details with the artist before you give him a deposit. Also make sure he/she will guarantee your satisfaction. That is key -- if you are not happy with the painting, the artist should agree to fix or re-do it until you are -- within reason, of course. (If you agree on a spring scene and change your mind later, you might need to pay extra to make major changes.)

Find an artist whose work you like so that you know what medium he will work in and are happy with his style of painting.

I love working with home-owners on their house portraits and seeing their beaming faces when I show them the portrait of their home I have created. There is no better feeling than that of creating a warm glow in someone's heart that I know will last forever! I also provide 2 free watercolor greeting cards with their house portrait on the outside so they can show off their new acquisition to friends and family.

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